How to Choose a kitchen faucet

How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet

There are certain things we use regularly the importance and influence of which we did not realize easily. Not until they cause a problem or disappear. One such thing is the kitchen faucet. So it is very important to know how to choose a kitchen faucet.

What is a kitchen faucet to you? Just a hole you open to get water flow? Or, is it more than that? Apparently, it is beyond just something that provides water.

How you start the water flow, how the water flows, and how efficiently and conveniently you can work in the kitchen depends a lot on your types of kitchen faucet. Moreover, it does not stop just there. You do not want your kitchen to look as messy as you feel in it, right?

People are quite conscious about hygiene whether you admit it and not. When they take a sudden visit to your kitchen and see the means of cleaning all worn out, out of place and dirty, they won’t have an appetite at your house ever.

So, it is necessary to choose a kitchen faucet that will take care of everything it should take care of. But, you also have to make sure just a kitchen faucet does not break your bank. So, we will tell you how to choose a kitchen faucet without breaking your back but again without losing the features and quality you really need.

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet: Everything you should note.

  • Choose Style First.

When you think how to choose a kitchen faucet, Since kitchen faucets are quite visible to the eyes, it is best to keep your mind set on a style you are looking for. This is more of an aesthetic decision than anything else. For example, do you want a high-arc faucet or a low-arc one?

Apparently, space is not a great concern when it comes to faucets as they are quite small in size. Even the tallest of them may cause a problem only if you have a big upper cabinet over it. However, high-arc ones may lead to splashes of water on dry you at times.

  • Find the best finish.

If you want your faucet to look good in the kitchen, you cannot just bring in a faucet of any finish. Furthermore, the finish plays an important role in determining how long the faucet will last and how good or worn out it will look.

Apart from that, you have to choose a finish that matches with the nature of your kitchen. Is your kitchen a bit rustic, contemporary or transitional?

Now, let’s get an idea about the types of finish that exist. Most common is probably the stainless steel one. Apparently, stainless steel is quite durable and cheap but it does not always stay stainless and requires a bit of care. However, it is still a great option for durability and price.

Chrome finish is popular for being cheap, durable and shiny.

The best finish you can get in terms of durability and also a rustic look is probably Brushed Nickel or Titanium. But, they are quite expensive as well.

If you are alright with spending a bit more for better looks and quality then you should choose the latter finishes we mentioned.

 how to choose a kitchen faucet
  • Decide on the number of holes you require.

This is where you have to consider your sink as well as the faucet carefully. Apparently, most sinks have three holes. The extra holes are apparently for temperature control features.

However, many faucets require only a one-hole installation leaving the other two holes on a sink open. Fortunately, most of these faucets come with a deck-plate that allows you to hide the other holes. So, if you are choosing a one-hole installation then you should check that the faucet comes with a three-hole deck plate if your sink needs it.

  • Decide on the number of handles or the absence of it.

Faucets usually come with one or two handles. Now, one handle will allow you to keep one of your hands-free when you use the handle. So, it makes operating easy.

On the other hand, a two-handle design may look better and offer you more aesthetic pleasures. With technology, however, you have one more choice- a hands-free operation.

Some faucets come with motion sensors that respond to your hand motions and bears no handle. As a result, you just have to wave your hand or bring a pot close to it to make the water flow. But, these are definitely expensive. Here is our take on best touchless kitchen faucets.

  • Fancy the type of head.

The most traditional faucets you will come across are the ones with a fixed head. You have to take your utensils under the head to get water on it. However, with time, there are many other convenient head styles available. So, when you want to know how to choose a kitchen faucet, you must know what type of faucet head you want.

One of the most popular is the Pull-Down Spray Heads. This allows you to extend the head downwards with the help of a hose. Then, you can move it in various directions and put it back in its park that usually features a magnetic docking system.

Pull-out spray heads are similar but are more common in low-arc faucets and you just have to pull them out to reach places. Other than that, you will find side-spray faucets as well.

This will cost more but will give you a greater reach.

  • Decide if you want modes for better control.

Faucets, particularly the ones with an extendable spray head offers two modes- stream or spray. As you know the stream mode will allow you to have a contact, voluminous flow of water if you want to fill a pot. On the other hand, the spray mode will help you clean better with its patterns for friction.

  • Check the Material that builds each part of the faucet.

You do not want to replace your faucet any time soon now, do you? This is where the material plays the greatest role. But, not just in case of durability but for functionality as well.

The faucets with metal bodies last the longest. Apparently, a faucet body made of brass will be the most durable and strong. Secondly, the finish will determine how rust-free, corrosion-resistant and good-looking the faucet will stay overtime.

Now, let’s talk about the other additional parts. The hose, the nozzle, etc are usually made of rubber or plastic. However, you could do better with a metal nozzle. As long as the plastic is of high quality, you should be fine.

  • Know the valves.

You will get four types of valves to choose from among which ceramic valves are the best. These valves usually have two plates that move to block water flow or let it flow. You will find them very efficient, durable and drip-free as well.

Compression valves are cheap but may leak easily. Again, cartridge valves are great too but it is best if you choose a brass one over other metals. Lastly, metal ball valves will last long but they may drip water because of their shape.

  • Check The Water Flow.

Many faucets have an aerator or restrictor installed in them to make efficient use of water. You can remove the restrictor to enjoy more water flow. However, you should check the water flow, usually mentioned in GPM units to see if it will be enough for your task. Because even without the restrictor, some faucets do not provide the best water flow

  • Don’t forget to consider the ease of installation and maintenance.

.Most faucets are quite easy to install when they come with nice instruction-book. However, some often come with a hose that does not align or pipes that do not fit. Therefore, you have to be aware of these things as these can lead to drips, leaks, etc.

Installation is usually a one-time process but maintenance is not. Many faucets now feature materials and traits that let you remove stuck-dirt and particles from the nozzle and other parts easily. Apart from that, you should find it an easy task to remove stains and keep the faucet shiny as well. For more help, you can check out How to replace a kitchen faucet.

In Conclusion

There are faucets available that will offer most of the features you want in the best quality at a reasonable price. Again, there are faucets that will offer all of the features you need but with some of them failing to satisfy over time. Other than that, you will find many expensive faucets that do not offer much value for the price. This is why it is important for you to know how to choose a kitchen faucet.

This is why you have to be very careful when choosing a faucet. You may have to give one or two features you wanted but make sure that the ones you need are there in their best form. We already choose some best faucet in our eye, you can check them in our best kitchen faucet review guide.

that’s all for now.

Have a nice day.

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